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Feedback for the Soul...

Nicole - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your show. I want MORE! whatever you do, PLEASE do NOT stop! (that I guess will require your physical immortality ;-) . I just wanna say I love you for what you do, I really do, for bringing the spark of light and the new consciousness to the masses. I just want to send you my love and appreciation - thank you so much for being a part of my life... I love you! God bless

Anna, Australia I would like to thank Nicole Whitney for the exceptional work she does. I've found nothing to compare to her sincere and intelligent approach to this work, and I'm so happy to have found her. Spirit Bless You Nicole. ~ J. Garo

Woman! There are not words enough to express how thankful I am for your broadcast! The very fact that all of this is "free" is the truest spiritual test for me as spirit should be given freely.....there is so much more power behind a gift like that. I continue to be thankful that I found your site and I share it with as many people as I can. I think most are tired of hearing me say..."You should listen to this!" ha ... My financial circumstances prevent me from giving financially to you but if blessings count....woman, you are blessed. Just think about all of the phenomenal experiences you've had since stepping onto this path. That alone is more than most can dream of in "lifetimes"! I would love to listen to you just sit and tell stories!ha Please continue as so many have benefited and been inspired. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! ..... and your personality is WONDERFUL! ~ Tina W.

" I am happy that I discovered your website. No accident, of course! You are offering a profound service to your readers and listeners." ~ Bill

"WOW! Rachel Brice?! WOW! I love her. I love NFTS. Now you're going to have Rachel as a guest. Nicole--you rock! I love urban tribal dance and rachel inspired me to learn the art form. Yeah, it's not normal for guys to bellydance (they're few and far between), but you are AWESOME! Thank you..thank you!" ~ Rob

"Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for years of my listening pleasure and enlightenment for me and for so very many of us. Nicole, I now hear the 'life' in your voice. I now hear you. Maybe I now hear myself! ;) Just another single mom, having survived most of my life in Hong Kong, and now starting to live too!!-with Love and Gratitude," - Irena

"Thank you for all the magic you bring to our lives," ~ Dipal Gala, India

"You are a true trooper,an amazing light in this dreary world." ~ Donna

"Dear Nicole, I am so excited to hear your upcoming interview with James Ray. I have listened to every James Ray interview I can get my hands on, but there is something about you that brings out the best in him. You get him to talk about the most extraordinary experiences and adventures. And you make him laugh a lot. I have listened to the interviews over and over and over. Sometimes when i can't sleep at night I will put on one of your interviews with him and I always fall into the deepest most restful slumber. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having him on again!" ~~ Radha

"Hi Nicole -- Loved the relaxed James Ray interview - I've heard audio archives of the others you've done with him, all great, and good to put a face to your name too! I hope he's ready for the even greater success he's attracting since The Secret, he is one of the most charismatic enthusiasts I've seen & I love his energy. He could - & will be, of course! - a great force for good in this world. Hope you'll pick up with him again. And THANK YOU, it's lovely to have this stuff on the Internet for those of us way over here in New Zealand :-) ~~ love Jan

Life Changing
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Challenging belief systems and expanding our consciousness is the foundation of our explorations via MP3s for the Soul..

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Self empowerment through consciousness raising experiences is the key to KNOWING in the moment [rather than trying to adopt ideas we've been told about]..

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Abundance is a key part of the self empowerment path. Check out the latest news and our Prosperity Kit information found here.

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Our most unique and dramatic program over the years remains to be Spoonbending Mind over Matter Training. Spoonbending Special Level 1&2: They've not only raised the bar, they've bent it! This new level two spoonbending course has added LOADS of new information, videos, reports, audios and more - all to support you in having a direct experience NOW with your true NATURAL capabilities.

“Thankyou! You have brought such joy and peace to the universe with your show....may you continue to do your mission and bring knowledge to others.

....with blessings and gratitude," Linda Clark

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    They've not only raised the bar, they've bent it! This new level two spoonbending course has added LOADS of new information, videos, reports, audios and more - all to support you in having a direct experience NOW with your true NATURAL capabilities.