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Welcome to MP3s for the Soul...

Spoonbending Level One is a mutlimedia instant download program bringing you 2 hours of audio and video that will give you all the instruction needed to have your first personal direct experience with mind over matter power ... for real.

It's profound.     It's truly life changing.    And it's ONLY available here.

If you could truly bend metal with your mind, what else could you do?

What couldn't you do?

The one and only News for the Soul spoonbending kit contains audio not found anywhere else including exclusive clips from conversations with Uri Geller, James Twyman, David Icke and many more   [audio run time 40 min]   PLUS   a step by step guided spoonbending process on video AND footage of LIVE at least two different spoonbending demonstrations and classes AND EVEN a clip of an amazing fork bending feat - without touching the fork!  You'll also see 'celebrity cameos' with Stuart Wilde, John Hutchison, Goeff Hoppe, Satyen Raja  and more...  [video run time 36 min] 

YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS!   For real. Everyone can.   In fact most of you will be bending spoons on the same day you receive this kit!!!   And you will be able to show others how to do it - with success!


powerful audioPowerful AUDIO to prepare your mind

exclusive videoExclusive News for the Soul VIDEO instruction

one of a kind video visualizationAn exclusive NFTS creation - a special VIDEO VISUALIZATION to walk you through the specific metal-bending process

Immediately after purchase, you will be instantly led to a link where you will download nearly an hour long montage of empowerment audio to prepare your mind to transcend it's limiting beliefs, several live spoonbending instruction sessions caught on video PLUS our very own exclusive interactive visualization walk through video exercise - everything you need to bend metal with your mind for real - today.

spoonbending kit 


"Thank you. I think (or I didn’t think) I’ve just had a major mind reality shift. I have been reading David Icke, Stuart Wilde and listening to several of your other audio radio shows for the last 5 years, but buying and receiving your Spoon Bending kit, wow! I was very skeptical thinking my mind would not allow. But I did bend the spoon whilst watching for the first time your video on my computer. I then went into the kitchen and also bent a metal skewer (the skewer actually twisted and snapped broken in half) and bent another spoon. I kept telling myself this is easy, this is easy and each time I was able to bend. " ~ Enza from Australia ...

SpoonBending with News for the Soul Host Nicole Whitney!

I am very pleased to announce that I've put together a SPOON BENDING KIT that will get anyone bending metal with their minds in no time! Really. For real. This is not a "trick" or an illusion (what would be empowering about that??). You can only KNOW that it is real by having your own direct experience. Feeling the metal change in your hands and knowing YOU did that - through intention. And we can ALL do this. Believe me if I can do this ANYONE can! I was the second last person at my News for the Soul Spoonbending for Peace event in 2003 to successfully bend a spoon. In my mind I was thinking "I have to bend this stupid spoon because it will look bad if the event host can't do it and everyone else can!" which, of course, is why it took me so long to bend the darn thing. But bend it I did. And I've been bending spoons ever since. What amazed me the most was how simple it was! And how easy! And how profound.

Over the following months and years, I heard myself repeatedly telling people "I can show you how to bend a spoon with your mind in 60 seconds - no problem" - and I did! I've shown 1000s of people how to do it already. Anywhere there's cutlery and an open mind, I'm there ... bending spoons :-) ....

Why? Because it's not "MY" gift. We ALL can do this. And through this simple exercise we become more aware of at least a piece of what our truer nature is. But don't take my word for it. Get your SPOONBENDING KIT and have your own direct experience.

"I love your tape on spoon bending and I did it right with you! Thank you , I am glad I sent for it. Actually I had done it a few years ago and like you, am fascinated with it. I do it to keep my energy up and active in between working with people! You were smarter, you made a "Learning Package" for it. ...You are marvelous on air and you folks are doing a great job in bringing out the unusual and spectacular!! My congratulations and best wishes, in Loving Qi and Regards..." from Dr Effie Chow, Qi Gong Teacher from San Francisco, Ca.

A word of warning ??

Once you start bending spoons (and forks and what have you) you may find it difficult to ... ah. .... stop. I eventually purchased plastic picnic cutlery after repeatedly running out of useable silverware in the house.(Although you can apply the same techniques to "unbend" them but where's the fun in that?!)

Anyway, happy spoonbending . . . Now...... How to make a firewalking kit .... hmmmm.

To our empowerment....


º //(*_*)\\ º Nicole Whitney Producer / Host News for the Soul www.newsforthesoul.com


Life Changing
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Challenging belief systems and expanding our consciousness is the foundation of our explorations via MP3s for the Soul..

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Self empowerment through consciousness raising experiences is the key to KNOWING in the moment [rather than trying to adopt ideas we've been told about]..

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Abundance is a key part of the self empowerment path. Check out the latest news and our Prosperity Kit information found here.

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Our most unique and dramatic program over the years remains to be Spoonbending Mind over Matter Training. Spoonbending Special Level 1&2: They've not only raised the bar, they've bent it! This new level two spoonbending course has added LOADS of new information, videos, reports, audios and more - all to support you in having a direct experience NOW with your true NATURAL capabilities.

“Thankyou! You have brought such joy and peace to the universe with your show....may you continue to do your mission and bring knowledge to others.

....with blessings and gratitude," Linda Clark

Mind Vs. Matter
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    Exclusive, instant and powerful. Use this audio and video teaching to instantly connect with your REAL ability to affect matter with your 'mind. On special HERE for only $47 for a limited time

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  • Level Two Training

    They've not only raised the bar, they've bent it! This new level two spoonbending course has added LOADS of new information, videos, reports, audios and more - all to support you in having a direct experience NOW with your true NATURAL capabilities.